For students who plan to study in Australia but require assistance finding the right accommodation to suit their needs, Stellar offers a service where we can contact accommodation providers on behalf of students.

There are 3 main types of accommodation for international students in Australia:


Homestay is an accommodation option for students who are looking for an authentic experience of Australian culture and lifestyle. Students are given the opportunity to live with an Australian family, joining activities and practicing their English through everyday use.

Homestay is usually in a free standing house located in the outer city/suburban areas, and students are able to choose to stay in a private bedroom or a share bedroom depending on preference and availability.

The rent for this type of accommodation ranges between $250 to $350 per week including all bills.

University Dormitory

University accommodation is located on or nearby the university campus. There are various types depending on the student’s interests and budget. The dormitories can range from a single private dormitory to a shared dormitory, with the advantage of having convenient facilities easily available such as laundry, gym and kitchen facilities etc.

The fees for university accomodation varies depending on these facilities and the type of dormitory. The rent ranges between $200 to $400 per week depending on different type of the dormitory, including all bills.

Private Rental

Private rental is for students who wish to rent their one house or apartment, or a room in a house or an apartment. Students tend to rent in the city area.

It is compulsory for the tenant to provide a deposit for the lease two weeks in advance, or by the agreement with the property owner. The rent for this type of accommodation usually includes most of the bills such as electricity, gas, water, internet, but excludes food.

The rent for this type of accommodation normally ranges between $200 to $500 depends on the type of room, location and facilities.