Jasfone is an internet-based telephone service. Clients will be given a Thai telephone number, allowing them to call or to receive a call from anywhere in the world. Jasfone can be used with devices such as SIP Phone, and any telephone that is SIP VoIP compatible.

Jasfone Service’s Features

Main Services

  • Works as a direct number ([02] Bangkok and the surrounding area). Can receive and place calls.
  • Compatible with any mobile phone that supports SIP VoIP.
  • Call another Jasfone for free-of-charge.
  • Call another Jasfone through www.jasfone.com.au for free-of-charge.
  • Call waiting service.
  • Reveal the caller ID.
  • Conduct a meeting through telephone.
  • Automatic call-forwarding service.
  • Call history display.
  • Place a direct call to overseas number for less than 009 bath.

Add-on Services

  • Fax-to-email service.
  • Voicemail-to-email service.
  • Missed call notification.

Compatible Devices

Convenient and easy to use. Requires a headphone and a microphone to operate.

SIP Phone
An internet-based telephone. Requires LAN connection to operate.

WIFI Phone
A telephone with wireless internet connection. Suitable for those seeking mobility and convenient.

A mobile phone compatible for SIP VoIP. Very convenient as calls can be placed through WIFI or 3G.

USB Phone
Replacing the headphone and microphone, accompanied by a number pad. Allows users to easily dial numbers.

Used to convert Analog signal into Digital signal, then send the signal through ADSL internet network to make a call.

Service’s Charge

Monthly Service Fee 390* Baht
Direct call to number beginning with 02 3* Baht/Call
Direct call to mobile phones 2* Baht/Minute
Direct call to outer rural areas 2* Baht/Minute
Hide caller ID (Press * before dialling the number) 1.50* Baht/Minute

*Service’s fee rate does not include 7% GST.

For further information, please refer to Jasfone’s website http://www.jasfone.com.